20/20 THERMO Enhanced Weight Loss Formula

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20/20 THERMO is an advanced Weightloss/Thermogenic powerhouse. With no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors you can expect a clean refreshing taste that provides a wide range of benefits!

20/20 THERMO also contains 100% Natural caffeine! Synthetic caffeine's were designed to enter the body more quickly but can also leave you with the jitters and crash. Vegisure is a registered trademarked ingredient providing 100% natural caffeine from a combination of green tea extract and green coffee bean.

With 1.5 grams of L-Carnitine Tartrate per serving 20/20 Thermo will aid shuttling fat cells through the mitochondria to be turned in to cellular energy! Carnitine makes fat work for you!

With the patented ingredient Capsimax at the clinical dose of 100mg, you can burn an extra 116 calories a day! That's right, Capsimax is a clinically studied ingredient that is proven to burn an extra 116 calories a day at a 100mg dose! Capsimax comes from Cayenne Pepper containing Capsicum extract that is covered in a patented micro beaded technology to safely pass through the gut track to avoid any heart burn!

20/20 Thermo also contains 40mg of the registered trademarked ingredient Paradoxine (Grains Of Paradise) a Natural herbal ingredient that is proven to raise the metabolic core temperature for over 4 hours! This means that you burn even more calories for an extended period of time.