Know What's In Your Supplements

  • At Muscle Vizion we take pride in our craft. That is why every product is made in a cGMP Certified Contract Manufacturing Facility through the NSF Organization.
  • But what does this mean?
  1. Every Ingredient goes through microbial and identity testing and is verified against a Certificate Of Analysis to prove it's authenticity as a dietary supplement ingredient.
  2. Long Story Short this means you get what you are paying for!
  • It is also important that we disclose exactly how much of each ingredient goes in to each serving of our products. 
  1. This allows you to know exactly what and how much of each ingredient you are putting in to your body.
  • No Fillers. No Dyes. No Artificial Colors.
  1. When you look at each ingredient in the other ingredient section you will notice that we use no maltodextrin to "beef" up our servings size and try to trick the consumer into thinking they are getting more than what they are paying for. 
  2. It was very important to us that we use no artificial colors or dyes to our products. So every color in each of our products are either from beet juice, turmeric or annato.