20/20 Vitalize-More thank just a multivitamin

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20/20 Vitalize-More thank just a multivitamin

20/20 Vitalize is a unique blend of natural daily vitamins, focus, anti stress, cognitive and digestive ingredients.

Multivitamins are dime a dozen which is why we wanted to create something truly unique specializing in not only immune health but brain and digestive health as well.

20/20 Vitalize features a full multivitamin profile with Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, K1 and much more. However it also features a focus combination of Choline, L-Tyrosine, Alphasize Alpha GPC and N Acetyl L Carnitine. These ingredients will enhance blood flow to the brain to support cognitive function, while also stimulating positive neurotransmitter activity. So not only will these ingredients help you dial in with focus but feel more positive as well. Next we added L-Theanine and Bacopa, both of these ingredients have been proven to reduce stress. This will help enhance the cognitive ingredients to perform more effectively and further increase focus. Bacopa has also been linked to improving memory recall.

To hit another area of importance we included Digeseb a registered trademarked material that combines 5 organic digestive enzymes. This makes 20/20 Vitalize one of the only products on the market that combines immune, brain and digestive health all in to one product.

To make sure each ingredient is effectively absorbed 5mg of Bioperine was added which is another registered trademarked material that has been clinically proven to enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients.